Numeral Systems 101



Author: Diana Sadyrova

Course description

This course is beneficial for you to hone your programming skills: you will decipher different numbers. You should be able to handle loops and if statements, it is also beneficial to have basic knowledge of strings.


Complete all chapters to get certificate


Binary Numeral System


Have you seen such code 110101 before? It refers to the binary numeral system and is considered to be the most commonly used one. Here you are going to learn the main concepts of converting

Welcome on Board!

Get Acquainted with Binary Code

Decipher Binary Number

Decipher List of Binary Numbers

Cipher Some Numbers

Hone your Ciphering Skills

Dates in Binary

Octal Numeral system


This section is going to help you get acquainted with one less commonly used but vitally important numeral system.

Get Acquainted with the Octal Numeral System

Practice Ciphering

Hexadecimal Numeral system


The last numeral system for you and maybe the most complex one, but it is still a superior chance for practicing.

Deciphering Challenge

One More Ciphering Challenge



Here you are going to dive deeper into some of the built-in python functions. This section is going to make you get familiar with converting to different numeral systems without any loops and conditions, just python functions

Write the Code in One Line

Harder Converting

Converting Using Format Method