Data Analytics Final Project



Author: Diana Sadyrova, Oleksandr Lomako

Course description

In this course-project you will consolidate all what has been learnt during Data Analytics track. Across this course you will work with three different real-life datasets, and solve numerous practical assignments.


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Used Cars


In this dataset, you are going to recall all functions that were learned to consolidate knowledge. With the help of fascinating tasks, you will discover correlations between the condition of the used car and its price. We are going to provide you with brand new information too to make the process of analyzing data more fruitful.

Output Dataset

Examine Dataset

Verify on NaN Values

Delete NaN Values

Look to the Type of Data

Deal with String Data Type

Delete Incorrect Dates

Replace Incorrect Separator

Deal with Outliers

Build a Graph

Data without Outliers

Compare Mean and Median

Convert Values



This dataset is full of data about sales, but here you will work with the preprocessing it a lot. The gripping part of this section is determining the correlation between the weather and sales; finding out the relationship between holidays and sales. After this section, you are going to be ready to work with the real data.

Get Familiar with the Dataset

Clean Dataset

Deal with Dates

Convert Temperature

Deal with Incorrect Separator

Count Statistical Values

Find the Dates and Sales Relationship

Deal with Holiday's Impact

Figure out the Influence of Temperature

Find the Temperature and Sales Relationship

Work with Correlation



In the third section, you will analyze a large dataset containing information about flights of American civil Aviation. There you will analyze the delays, is there a relation between flight distance and delay, which day is the most popular for flights, and so on.

Acquaintance with Data

Adding Date Column

Converting Date Column

The Most Popular Day of the Week to Fly

Estimation of Taxi Times

Converting Datetime Column

Correcting Negative Taxi Times

Calculating the Arrival Time

Arrival Delays

Fixing the Outliers

Delays and Distances

Delay Reasons