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Predict House Prices
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Linear Regression with Python

Predict House PricesPredict House Prices

Let's build a real-world example regression model. We have a file, houses_simple.csv, that holds information about housing prices with its area as a feature.

Let's assign variables and visualize our dataset!

In the example with a person's height, it was much easier to imagine a line fitting the data well.
But now our data has much more variance since the target highly depends on many other things like age, location, interior, etc.
Anyway, the task is to build the line that best fits the data we have; it will show the trend. The OLS class should be used for that. Soon we will learn how to add more features, it will make the prediction better!


  1. Assign the 'price' column of df to y.
  2. Create the X_tilde matrix using the add_constant() function from statsmodels(imported as sm).
  3. Initialize the OLS object and train it.
  4. Preprocess X_new array the same way as X.
  5. Predict the target for X_new_tilde matrix.

Once you've completed this task, click the button below the code to check your solution.

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