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100 % Money - Back Guarantee Policy

NOTE! This Money-Back Guarantee Policy can be applied only for the Subscriptions for at least 1-month and longer!

We are convinced that our product (hereinafter referred to as the “plan” and/or “program”) will bring the user meaningful results within a chosen Subscription period. If no results will be reached by the user, he/she is eligible to receive a full refund, if all the following criteria are met:

  • the user contacts us within 31 days after the initial purchase,
  • the user has followed the recommendations from the provided personalized plan at least during 28 consecutive days within the first 31 days after the purchase, and
  • the user can demonstrate that he/she conscientiously has followed the plan (ex.: provide photos and/or video of completion of recommendations, tasks, etc.).

To request in the Money-Back Guarantee Refund option, please, contact us via

We will review each case and notify the user by email whether the application is approved and how the refund will be made.

Note! Only fulfillment of all the above-mentioned criteria allow the user to receive a refund under this Money-Back Guarantee.

By accepting this Money-Back Guarantee Policy the user agrees and acknowledges familiarization and understanding of its provisions, and also refuses to demand a refund in cases not described in this Policy.