Understanding Redux ToolkitUnderstanding Redux Toolkit

What is Redux Toolkit?

Redux Toolkit is a library that streamlines state management in React applications, providing tools and best practices to make the process more efficient and developer-friendly.

Let's explore how Redux Toolkit addresses common challenges associated with state management:

  • Prop Drilling: Redux Toolkit centralizes the application state in a store, eliminating the need to pass the state down through multiple levels of components.
  • Component Communication: Redux Toolkit enables components to access and modify the application state without needing to communicate directly with each other. This makes it easier to manage and share data.
  • Global State: Redux Toolkit provides a clean and predictable way to manage the global state, ensuring that data is consistent and synchronized across the application.


Let's take a closer look at the features of Redux Toolkit. Don't worry if you don't fully understand them yet, we'll delve into each one in detail later on in this course. For now, we'll just provide an overview of the beauty of Redux.

Key Features

  • configureStore: This function simplifies the setup of the Redux store. It offers sensible defaults and built-in middleware, making it easier to configure the store.
  • createAction: Redux Toolkit includes a utility function called createAction that simplifies the creation of action creators. Action creators generate action objects with a type property that identifies the action when dispatched.
  • createReducer: Reducers specify how the state should change in response to dispatched actions. Redux Toolkit's createReducer function simplifies the creation of reducers by automatically generating action cases based on provided functions.

Everything was clear?

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