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Python Data Structures

Creating a SetCreating a Set

In Python, there are several ways to create sets.

  1. You can use the built-in set() function and pass the desired elements to it.
  2. You can place a sequence of elements inside curly braces and separate them with commas.

Here are some key points about sets:

  • They are mutable.
  • Sets only contain unique elements. If you add duplicate elements when creating a set, they'll be removed in the final set.
  • The order of elements in a set is not guaranteed.
  • Set elements can be of various data types.

Let's dive into an example. First, we'll create a set using the set() function.

Next, we'll create sets using curly braces.


Follow these steps:

  1. Make a set with strings as follows:
    'pineapple', 'pear', 'cherry'
  2. Construct a set with a mix of data types like this:
    'pear', 45, None, 'car', 'Joe', 12, 5


Ensure the set values are in the exact order given in the instructions!

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