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Numeral Systems 101

Harder ConvertingHarder Converting

You know a lot now! You can convert a lot of numbers from different numeral systems, but here we are going to dive deeper into built-in python functions for converting. Let's start with converting to a decimal one. Here is the function int() is useful.

For instance, to convert binary numbers to decimal representation you should start with 0b. Like int(0b10011010010), where 10011010010 number should be converted.

To do the same with the octal numeral system you have to use similar syntax int(0o2322) where 2322 should be converted.

I suppose you guessed the syntax for converting from a hexadecimal numeral system: int(0X4D2), where 4D2 number should be converted.

It can be implemented not only with int(), such syntax is available for other numeral systems too:


I wish you good luck with this task, please follow the algorithm:

  1. Convert number 4EAF from the hexadecimal numeral system to the octal.
  2. Convert number 2547 from the octal numeral system to the binary.
  3. Convert number 1101011 from the binary numeral system to the decimal.
  4. Convert number 2001 from the decimal numeral system to the hexadecimal.

Everything was clear?

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