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Numeral Systems 101

Write the Code in One LineWrite the Code in One Line

I strongly believe that Python is a careful language; hence, it tries to make your life effortless and forces you to get rid of the habit to program using another language😏.

bin helps you without any loops convert the number to a binary representation.

Indeed, python cares about us, and I suppose we should appreciate it and allow it to care about itself.

  • 0b is a sign for Python that this code is binary;
  • 0o or 0O(both ways are acceptable) means that this code is octal;
  • 0X defines hexadecimal code in the way that we learned (with uppercase letters), by the way, there is also a 0x format, but it defines hexadecimal code in lowercase letters.

Therefore, the code in each system is determined after 0b, 0c or 0X, except decimal obviously.

oct will come in handy when you want to cipher numbers to the octal numeral system.

hex is valuable when you want to convert a number to a hexadecimal numeral system.


So far so good ☺️. Here you should convert a number from a decimal numeral system to another that you've learned.Follow this algorithm:

  1. Convert the decimal_number to the binary numeral system.
  2. Convert the decimal_number to the octal numeral system.
  3. Convert decimal_number to the hexadecimal numeral system.
  4. Print the result.

Everything was clear?

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