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Numeral Systems 101

Decipher List of Binary NumbersDecipher List of Binary Numbers

Congratulations! You are one step closer to being a computer master 😎 Imagine that you can convert even a sequence to a binary code. By the way, if you have a desire to cipher your phone number or date of birth then try it! The more practice, the better!


Here you are going to convert the sequence to a binary representation. The task is still the same 😜 Follow the instructions and fill the gaps. The code leads you to get acquainted with another fascinating sequence, as you remember the explanation is waiting for you at the end of the chapter, be patient.

  1. Create an empty list for storing decimal numbers.
  2. Print the list of binary numbers.
  3. Define the loop that iterates through the binary_list.
  4. Define the loop that executes till the binary_number is 0.
  5. Count the remainder of division binary_number by 10 and assign it to the variable last digit.
  6. Multiply the last_digit by 2 raised to the relevant power.
  7. Add the result to the decimal_number.
  8. Decrease the binary_number 10 times using integer division.
  9. Increase power by 1.
  10. Append the decimal_number to the list of decimal numbers.
  11. Print the list of decimal numbers.


You received a few numbers from the sequence called "Happy numbers". Have you wondered that such continuity exists?

Everything was clear?

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