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R Introduction: Part I

Hello, R!Hello, R!

Welcome to the introductory R course! Throughout this course, you’ll become proficient with R’s fundamental syntax, operations, and data types.

In contrast to many other programming languages, R doesn’t require a specific function to display output. Let's embark on our R journey with some simple arithmetic to get things started.

In R, you can carry out basic arithmetic using the usual operators: + for addition, - for subtraction, * for multiplication, and / for division. For instance, we can compute a few mathematical expressions.

Please note, each new operation should begin on a new line.


Perform the following calculations using basic arithmetic operations:

  1. 30 + 24
  2. 50 - 36
  3. 19 * 7

After completing these tasks, press the button below the code to check your answers.

Everything was clear?

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