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R Introduction: Part I

Integer Division and RemaindersInteger Division and Remainders

Integer division is a common mathematical operation that we often use in daily life, sometimes without even realizing it.

Take, for instance, the scenario where you have 16 candies and want to divide them equally among three friends. Each friend would get five candies, with one candy left over, since 16 equals 5 times 3 plus 1. We say that the result of the integer division of 16 by 3 is 5, and the remainder of this division is 1.

In R, these operations are performed using:

  • %/% for integer division.
  • %% for the remainder of a division.

To calculate the given example in R, you would use:


For the following exercises:

  1. Compute how many complete days there are in 435 hours.
  2. Determine how many hours would be left over.

Keep in mind that a day is comprised of 24 hours.

Everything was clear?

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