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Introduction to Python

The Very First StepsThe Very First Steps

Welcome, learner!

Welcome to this Python module! We're excited to have you on this coding journey. Don't worry if you're new to Python or coding. Let's begin by understanding what Python is.

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Python is a high-level, interpreted language. High-level languages have abstract syntax that machines can't understand directly.

Let's dive in and print our first message using Python. We'll use the print() function for this. When you want to print specific text, just wrap it in quotation marks, like "..." or '...'. If you don't, Python will assume you're referring to a variable (but we'll get to that later).

To print a sentence, use the following code:

Doing so will produce this output in the console:


Your challenge? Print "Hello world!" in the console.

Once you've completed this task, click the button below the code to check your solution.

Everything was clear?

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