The FIrst ProgramThe FIrst Program

The traditional first program in any programming language is often a simple program that outputs the message to the console.

Input and Output

The most common way to output information to the console is by using iostream library. It is stands for input/output stream.

As we already know, to add library to our program we have to include it.

Character output

The cout stream is part of the iostream library and is used for standard output.

  • std::: it means that the identifier is part of the standard library, which is organized under the std namespace.
  • cout: stands for character output and is used to send output.
  • <<: it is used to insert data into the standard output stream.


Comments are used for documentation and do not affect program execution. There are two types:

  • Single-line comments: Begin with // and extend to the end of the line.
  • Multi-line comments: Enclosed between /* and */.


Create a program that outputs your message.

Everything was clear?

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