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C++ Introduction

Data TypesData Types

When declaring a variable, you need to specify what type of data we will store in it. There are data types for easy memory handling for every situation.

Data Types
• int
• bool
• char
• short
• long
• double
• long long
• long double


These types are essential for storing numerical values and manipulating numeric data. We can split them into two groups:

  • Data types for whole numbers (e.g., 12);
  • Data types for floating point numbers (e.g., 0.12).


The bool data type represents two boolean values: zero interpreted as false and one is interpreted as true.

Light on = true = 1
Light off = false = 0


The char data type is used to store individual characters, which can include letters, digits, punctuation marks, and special characters.


What are the possible values of the bool data type?

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