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Deep Dive into the seaborn Visualization

Deep Dive into the seaborn Visualization

Reading the FileReading the File

Today we will take a deep into the seaborn visualization. We will learn a lot of plots that will be useful in the future. It is essential to understand why you need every type of plot.

Study the structure below.

  • We are going to work with different datasets. Click on the data picture to understand what data you will work with( you will find it in the plot theory);
  • While studying every plot, you will be able to learn a gif explanation with all essential arguments of the plot function;
  • Sometimes, it is necessary to scroll down the page if you can't see the whole task code;
  • If you don't know what to do, don't hesitate to use a hint or write a report if you need additional help.


During the course, we will use 3 libraries. Import them!

  1. Import the pandas library with the pd alias.
  2. Import the seaborn library with the sns alias.
  3. Import the matplotlib.pyplot library with the plt alias.

Everything was clear?

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