Adding Holidays to ComparisonAdding Holidays to Comparison

As we can see, there are different shops in the dataset, and their revenues vary significantly - we have shops with total revenue of about 50 million, and at the same time shops with total revenue of more than 250 million. Let's see whether earnings differ depending on whether it is a holiday week or not.


You are going to work with nearly the same code as in the previous task. You just need to modify certain things:

  1. Group the values of the df DataFrame by 'Store', and then 'Holiday_Flag' column (the order is important). Then, after selecting the 'Weekly_Sales' column, compute the mean values.
  2. Within the .barplot() function, set the parameter, so that there will be separate bars for each of the unique values of the 'Holiday_Flag' column.

Everything was clear?

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