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Python Functions Tutorial

Lambda FunctionsLambda Functions

In Python, lambda functions are anonymous functions, meaning they don't have a name. They are created using the lambda keyword. Lambda functions are often used to define short functions where you can specify a function on the spot.

The basic syntax of a lambda function is as follows:

  • lambda: The keyword indicating the start of a lambda function definition.
  • arguments: The list of arguments the function takes.
  • expression: The expression executed when the function is called. The result of the expression is returned as the function's value.

The key feature of lambda functions is their concise syntax. They are convenient when you need to define a simple function without writing a lot of code.


  1. Define a lambda function that takes two parameters, x and y.
  2. The lambda function should return the sum of x and y.
  3. Call the lambda function with the arguments 3 and 5.
  4. Print the result.

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