Strings ConcatenationStrings Concatenation

What if we need to connect two strings? Like, we have a price as a number in price variable, and we want to make it representatively, i.e. we want to show the price in format n $. This problem can be solved by concatenation.

Concatenation is joining two strings, which can be done in Python by using a simple + operator. It will join the string on the left side of the operator to the string on the right side. For example,

As we can see, + operator added the '$' sign to the price converted into a string.


All the space characters are considered by + operator. For example, if in the example above we wrote str(price) + ' $' it would output Price is 25 $.


Given variables height and weight. Using concatenation, output the following messages:

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 70 kg

Everything was clear?

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