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Introduction to CSS Part I

Including CSS: External StylesIncluding CSS: External Styles

To include an external CSS file in an HTML document, you can use the <link> element. This element should be placed in the HTML document's <head> section. The <link> element should have a rel attribute with a value of stylesheet to indicate that the linked file is a stylesheet and a href attribute with the URL of the external CSS file.








  • External CSS files can be cached by the browser, which means the browser doesn't have to download the stylesheet every time the user visits a page on your website. This can improve the performance of your website;
  • It allows you to separate the styling information from the content of your HTML document;
  • These files can be shared among multiple HTML documents.


  • This can slow down the loading time of your website, especially if you have many external CSS files;
  • Another potential drawback is that keeping track of all the external CSS files you're using on your website can be challenging.

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