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Pandas First Steps

Work with ColumnsWork with Columns

When working with a DataFrame, you can access each column individually. Here's the syntax for doing so:

To clarify this syntax:

  • Start by writing the name of the DataFrame you're working with.
  • Next, place the column name you want to access inside square brackets. Remember to enclose the column name in quotation marks.

Let's look at an example using a DataFrame.

Executing this code will display just the column containing capital cities, rather than the entire DataFrame.

You can also access multiple columns like this:

Compared to accessing a single column, there is only one difference. This time, you'll need to put the list of column names inside an additional set of square brackets — meaning you'll use double square brackets. Check out the example below.


Retrieve the columns 'model', 'year', and 'price' (in that order) from the audi_cars DataFrame. Give it a try!

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