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Python Loops Tutorial

Break/Continue in a for LoopBreak/Continue in a for Loop

The break statement is employed to prematurely exit a loop. In our previous task, when searching for the number 8 in the list, if we wish to conclude the search as soon as we find the element, we can utilize break.

Examine the code below:

How does the code work?

Now, let's work on counting all occurrences of 8 in our list using the continue statement. The continue statement allows us to skip a specific block of code for the current iteration of the loop only.

Examine the code below:

How does the code work?


To multiply the elements of the list and stop the program when the next multiplication exceeds 100, follow these steps:

  1. Configure a for loop to operate on the numbers, using i as an element of the list.
  2. Set the condition to check if the result of the multiplication (counter) is going to reach or exceed 100. If so, break out of the loop; otherwise, continue multiplying by the next element.
  3. Print the value of the counter.

Everything was clear?

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