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Python Loops Tutorial

The first for LoopThe first for Loop

In computer programming, a loop is a series of instructions that continuously repeats until a specific condition is met.

We'll begin our exploration of Python loops with a for loop.

The for loop enables us to iterate through each item in a sequence and perform the same set of operations for each item. By using for loops in Python, we can efficiently automate and repeat tasks.

Now, let's delve into how the for loop program functions.

Imagine we have the string 'Enjoy the silence', and our goal is to print this string in a column.

Take a look at the code below:

How does the code work?

It's time to write our first loop!


  1. Create the for loop to operate on the text, employing i as an element of the text.
  2. Within the for loop, duplicate each element of the text.
  3. Inside the for loop, append an exclamation mark ('!') after each element.

Everything was clear?

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