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Introduction to SQL

Sorting DataSorting Data

Furthermore, we have the ability to sort the data we receive in a specific order. To achieve this, we first retrieve the data using the SELECT operator and subsequently apply the ORDER BY clause. This clause accepts the names of columns based on which the output will be sorted. Let's explore an example to enhance our comprehension:


It is essential that the ORDER BY clause comes last in the SELECT statement.

Explanation: In the example, you can observe that the ORDER BY clause sorts the data based on the continent column.


First, select the capital column from the country table. Then, sort the data from the capital column, retrieved using the SELECT statement.

Here's a short example of the country table:

1JapanAsiaEastern Asia377829Tokyo126714000
3MexicoNorth AmericaCentral America1958201Mexico City98881000
15MaltaEuropeSouthern Europe316Valletta380200

Everything was clear?

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