The WHERE Clause Operators The WHERE Clause Operators

SQL supports a lot of conditional statements.

Operator Equality
= Equality
<> Inequality
< Less than
<= Less than or equal to
> Greater than
>= Greater than or equal to
BETWEEN Between two specified values
IS NULL Is a NULL value

Let’s look at the examples:
This example lists all countries that have a population of less than 2424200:

The following example retrieves all countries with a population less than or equal to 2424200:

The following example retrieves all non-Asian countries:


Write an SQL query to retrieve the name, population, region, and capital columns from the country table (please retrieve these columns in this order), returning only the countries with a region named Southern Europe.

Please note that Southern Europe should be correctly capitalized, and southern europe is not the same. So, be careful and write it as Southern Europe.

Here's a short example of the country table:

1JapanAsiaEastern Asia377829Tokyo126714000
3MexicoNorth AmericaCentral America1958201Mexico City98881000
15MaltaEuropeSouthern Europe316Valletta380200

Everything was clear?

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