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Using the NOT Operator
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Introduction to SQL

Using the NOT OperatorUsing the NOT Operator

In order to cancel the condition, you need to use the keyword NOT. First, let’s look at the example:

Explanation: The NOT operator rejects the condition here; hence, it matches the continent to anything that is not Asia.


Write an SQL query to get the name and capital columns from the country table (please retrieve these columns in this order). These countries must be not from the 'South America' continent.

Pay attention to the fact that the names of the continents begin with a capital letter and not a lowercase one; this is very important.

Here's a short example of the country table:

1JapanAsiaEastern Asia377829Tokyo126714000
3MexicoNorth AmericaCentral America1958201Mexico City98881000
15MaltaEuropeSouthern Europe316Valletta380200

Everything was clear?

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