Challenge: Descriptive StatsChallenge: Descriptive Stats

We will remind you of some descriptive statistics:

  • count - the number of observations in the sample;
  • mean - the sum of the values ​​of all observations divided by their number;
  • std - the square root of the variance, which characterizes the degree of deviation of the data from the average value of the sample;
  • median - central value that divides the sample into two equal parts;
  • min - the smallest sample value;
  • max - the largest sample value.


In this task, you need to calculate descriptive statistics and display the result. Finding descriptive statistics is an important part of A/B testing because they provide summary information about the sample. We will use this information in the future.

  1. Import the pandas.
  2. Read files.
  3. Calculate descriptive statistics.
  4. Concat the results of aggregations.
  5. Print the results.

Everything was clear?

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