Challenge: TablesChallenge: Tables

🏆 Challenge:

🏁 Goal

Present employee information in a structured table format by using appropriate HTML tags to create rows and columns.


📋 Task

Create a table with three columns: Name, Position, and Wage. Focus on using the appropriate HTML tags to populate the table with the correct rows and columns. Here is the data to include:

  1. Name: Emma Johnson | Position: Sales Associate | Wage: $15.50 per hour
  2. Name: Liam Thompson | Position: Customer Service Representative | Wage: $14.75 per hour
  3. Name: Olivia Rodriguez | Position: Marketing Coordinator | Wage: $18.25 per hour
  4. Name: Noah Smith | Position: IT Support Specialist | Wage: $20.00 per hour
  5. Name: Ava Davis | Position: Administrative Assistant | Wage: $16.80 per hour
1. Use the table tag to define the main container element for the table.
2. Use the thead tag to group the header content of the table, such as column headings.
3. Use the tr tag to define a new row within the table.
4. Use the th tag to define the header text for each column.
5. Use the tbody tag to group the main content of the table, which includes the rows and data cells.
6. Use the td tag to define the actual data or content within each cell of the table.

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