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First Dive into seaborn Visualization

I'm an Artist, that's how I See it!I'm an Artist, that's how I See it!

We mentioned that the seaborn is based on the matplotlib. That is why all seaborn styles are set using matplotlib functions.

We can use the axes_style() function with no arguments to see which functions are used for the current style.

And then, we have the opportunity to adjust the desired parameters manually and create our unique style!

To change individual style settings manually:

Try this code to look at the customized plot:


  1. Import seaborn with sns alias.
  2. Import matplotlib.pyplot with plt alias.
  3. Import pandas with pd alias.
  4. Set 'whitegrid' style with 'xtick.color' - white, 'ytick.color' - white, 'figure.facecolor' - grey, ''- ['monospace'].
  5. Rotate labels along the Ox axis by 45 degrees.
  6. Show the plot.

Everything was clear?

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