Final ChallengeFinal Challenge


This is the right time for the final task of drawing a graph based on the material we have learned in this course. After completing this task, you will definitely be ready to create cool and colorful graphics for your future projects 🥳.

  1. Import the seaborn with sns alias.
  2. Import the matplotlib.pyplot with plt alias.
  3. Import the pandas with pd alias.
  4. Read the file.
  5. Set blue color for boy, pink for girl values.
  6. Set a histplot variable with histplot's binwidth = 0.1, data = df.
  7. Set the title 'Yummy fish!'.
  8. Set the xlabel 'Kilos of fish'.
  9. Set the context paper.
  10. Set the unique style: 'axes.facecolor' - 'white', 'figure.facecolor' - 'black', 'axes.labelcolor' - 'white', 'xtick.color':'white', 'ytick.color':'white'.
  11. Show the plot.

Everything was clear?

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