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First Dive into seaborn Visualization

Seaborn + PandasSeaborn + Pandas

What is the pandas?

  • Python library for data analysis;
  • Easily reads DataSets from csv, txt, and other types of files;
  • DataSets take the form of DataFrame objects.

When you read a dataset with the help of the pandas you create a DataFrame:

To initialize a countplot based on the pandas DataFrame, we need to input at least 2 parameters: x (the column whose values will be counted) and data (the DataFrame containing the data).

Look at the code below!

Let's solve this problem!


  1. Import the seaborn with the sns alias.
  2. Import the matplotlib.pyplot with the plt alias.
  3. Import the pandas with the pd alias.
  4. Read the file using df variable.
  5. Create the x-oriented countplot using the 'Bamboo' column in the plot function.
  6. Show the plot.

Everything was clear?

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