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Web Scraping with Python

What is HTML?What is HTML?

Before we move on, we need to understand what html is and how it works.

HTML or HyperText Markup Language is a markup language used for displaying web pages. HTML forms a 'skeleton' of a web page, so it's convenient to navigate.

For example, look at the web page below. You can navigate to it using the following link.

The html structure of the page above is the following.

Now to explanations. Each html tag is enclosed by the left < and right angle brackets >. Most of the html tags come in pairs - opening and closing tags. Closing tags are preceded by a backslash /.

In the schema above, we used the next tags:

  • <html> - defines an html document (compulsory tag for each document).
  • <title> - defines a page title (displayed in the tab bar).
  • <body> - defines the document's body.
  • <h2> - defines the second level of the heading (there are 6 levels available: <h1> - <h6>).
  • <p> - defines a paragraph.


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