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Crafting a Classic Hangman Game

Guessed WordGuessed Word

Preventing Excessive Gameplay

The program must recognize when to cease prompting the user for letters once the word has been successfully guessed. To achieve this, we'll develop the is_word_guessed function. This function will effectively communicate:

Great, the player has guessed the word correctly! It's time to halt the program and congratulate the player.


  1. Define the is_word_guessed function with gameword and letters_already_guessed as parameters.
  2. Implement a condition to verify whether letters_already_guessed matches gameword.
  3. Return True if the condition is met, and False otherwise.


During the execution of the second step, employ the set(gameword) & set(letters_already_guessed) expression to compare it with the set(gameword). This approach ensures that only the letters from letters_already_guessed that are in gameword are considered. The & operator identifies letters common to both sets.

Everything was clear?

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