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Introduction to React

Why React?Why React?

Don't start the course if you are not acquainted with JavaScript

React is a JS library for UI development, known for its ease of use and convenient features, with several advantages over vanilla JS.

The following are the main advantages of using React:

  • Component-Based. The application is divided into small reusable components that make it very easy to piece together the application and debug the application in case of any errors or bugs;
  • Declarative. React updates automatically and displays the updated components in case there are any changes in the state or data of a component.
  • Improved Productivity. Since React eliminates the need for writing a lot of tedious and unnecessary code and simplifies the process substantially, it makes it faster to develop applications and hence increases productivity;
  • Easy to Learn: It’s easier to learn and use than other JavaScript libraries like Vue and Angular.

For writing React applications, we use ES6 and JSX, which we will explore in the upcoming chapters.

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