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Mathematics for Data Analysis and Modeling

Partial Derivative of the FunctionPartial Derivative of the Function

Partial derivative

If we are talking about the functions with multiple arguments, we must consider the concept of partial derivative. A partial derivative measures how a function changes with respect to one of its variables while keeping the other variables constant. It is a concept used in multivariable calculus to analyze the rate of change of a function in multiple dimensions.
If we have a function y = f(x1, x2, ..., xn) the partial derivative with respect to argument xi is defined as follows:


Higher-order derivatives

We can also take derivatives and partial derivatives of higher orders. For example, the second (partial) derivative is defined as the (partial) derivative of the first (partial) derivative of a function, and so on:


We can use sympy library to calculate derivative of the second order too:

We used d2f_dx2 = sp.diff(f, x, 2) to calculate the derivative of the second order of the function f with respect to argument x.

Everything was clear?

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