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Introduction to CSS Part II



You can write the code in the styles.css file of the following sandbox. To see the rendered page, drag it from the right edge of a sandbox window.


Now that you have familiarized yourself with floating elements in CSS and the various display properties used, we will move on to a challenge to solidify these skills. The following are the tasks:

  1. Set the display of the header and footer to block, the background color to azure, and the padding of 20px.
  2. Set absolute position to the main element and left to 33% and width to 31%, and a background-color to #5f9ea0 and padding 5px.
  3. Float the 'asides' left and right with 33% width and overflow auto.
  4. Clear the footer left and right.

Here is the result you should get. If you are having problems, you can drag the code part with a solution from the left edge of the sandbox window.

Section 3.

Chapter 3