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Relational Database and Normalization

Many-to-One and One-to-ManyMany-to-One and One-to-Many

First, you should understand one thing. Many-to-One and One-to-Many are different relationship types.


It’s a simple foreign key. In a many-to-one relationship, many records in one table can be associated with a single record in another table. It's the main relationship type in relational databases.

In the example, each Student has a reference to the School (it is represented as school_id).


It’s a relationship where one table references many other tables. This one table has a list of primary keys as the one foreign key. This relationship is rare for relational databases and cannot set strong dependencies. So, it’s a bad practice, but it can be used in non-relational databases.

1. Choose a Many-to-One relationship
2. Choose a One-to-Many relationship


Choose a Many-to-One relationship

Select the correct answer


Choose a One-to-Many relationship

Select the correct answer

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