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Data Manipulation using pandas

Other Types of GraphsOther Types of Graphs

Let's learn the remaining types of plots that pandas can build.

ValueKind of plot
boxfor boxplot
kde or densityfor density plots
areafor area plots
hexbinfor hexagonal bin plots
piefor pie plots

What is a boxplot? A boxplot is a method of graphical representation of data minimum, quartiles, and maximum values. The lower side of rectangle is the first quartile (such a value that 25% of data is less than this value), the top side of rectangle is the third quartile (such a value that 75% of values is less than this value). Whiskers on a plot demonstates minimum and maximum. For instance, let's build a boxplot for the 'empinch' column (represents total household employment income).

These types are the most popular, but you will face the remaining ones while studying visualization libraries.

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