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Get the Index of the Symbol
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Data Types in Python

Get the Index of the SymbolGet the Index of the Symbol

Wow! We've done a lot!

It is time to share some insights. In fact, there is no necessity to manually specify the index of the symbol to find it in the string; it seems we have an intuition for this, as we recognize Python's user-friendly approach and attentiveness to its users.

Hence, the find() function was implemented.


It will be beneficial to understand that this method is useful when we seek to determine the index of a particular symbol or word within a text. Additionally, it is important to note that this method returns the index of the first occurrence of the substring. In cases where the substring is not found, it returns a value of '-1'.

Take a look at the example; it will help you get the syntax:


Hone your skills as much as possible!

So here you should find the index of the letters p,y, and r.

¿Todo estuvo claro?

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