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Unlocking Insights with Data Visualization: A Hands-On Exploration

Unlocking Insights with Data Visualization: A Hands-On Exploration

Scatter PlotsScatter Plots

A scatter plot is a type of plot or graph that uses cartesian coordinates to display values for typically two variables for a set of data. Each value in the data set is represented by a single dot or mark on the plot, which is positioned based on its values for the variables.

Scatter plots are useful for showing the relationship between two continuous variables. They can be used to visualize patterns and trends in data and to identify correlations between variables. For example, a scatter plot could be used to visualize the relationship between a person's height and weight or to see how a company's stock price changes over time.


  1. Import the necessary libraries;
  2. Initialize a pandas DataFrame with 100 records;
  3. Set the title of the graph;
  4. Create and show the plot (try experimenting with the variables and see how the output changes).

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