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Pandas Demystified: Unveiling the Power of Data Manipulation

Pandas Demystified: Unveiling the Power of Data Manipulation

Merging in PandasMerging in Pandas

Imagine you have two tables of data with some common columns, and you want to combine them into a single table to analyze and work with the data. This is where merging comes in handy.

There are different types of merging, such as inner, outer, and left/right merging, which control how the merge handles data that is present in one DataFrame but not the other. Here is an overview:

The type of join you will choose really depends on the type of data you are dealing with.


  1. Define two DataFrames from dictionaries;
  2. Compare inner and outer merging strategies (see how the resulting df changes).


Congratulations on completing the Python Pandas Tutorial! You have made an excellent investment in your skills and knowledge, and you are now well-equipped to work with and analyze data using this powerful tool. Keep up the good work and keep learning, and you will surely succeed in your endeavors. See you next time!

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