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PDF Magic with Python: Manipulating, Extracting, and Combining

PDF Magic with Python: Manipulating, Extracting, and Combining


PyPDF2 is a Python library for handling PDF files. It allows developers to manipulate and extract data from PDF files, such as text and images, and combine multiple PDF files into a single document. PyPDF2 is widely used for a variety of tasks, including parsing PDF documents, extracting information from invoices or other financial documents, and creating customized reports or documents.

PyPDF2 provides many features, such as merging multiple PDF files, adding or removing pages from PDF files, extracting text and images from PDF files, and manipulating PDF metadata. These features make PyPDF2 a useful tool for a wide range of applications, including data analysis, content creation, and automating repetitive tasks.

Overall, PyPDF2 is a powerful library that can greatly simplify working with PDF files in Python, and its wide range of features make it a popular choice among developers.


Run the first cell with !pip install PyPDF2 and move on to the next chapter :)

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