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Python Date and Time Mastery: Managing Temporal Data

Other Datetime MethodsOther Datetime Methods

Congratulations on completing the tutorial on datetime in Python! You've worked hard to learn a valuable skill, and you should be proud of yourself. These are some functions that may be useful to you in the future:

  • To convert a datetime object to a different time zone using the astimezone method in Python, you will need to import the datetime and pytz modules. The pytz module provides access to the time zones defined in the IANA time zone database, a comprehensive database of time zones used worldwide;
  • The timestamp() function is a method of the datetime class in Python's datetime module. It returns the timestamp for the datetime object it is called on in the format of a float representing the number of seconds since the Unix epoch (00:00:00 UTC on January 1, 1970).


  1. Import the datetime library and the pytz library;
  2. Create two dt objects in the Eastern Time zone and the Pacific Time zone (already done);
  3. Use the timestamp() method of dt_pt to get the number of seconds since the Unix epoch.

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