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Operating With VariablesOperating With Variables

What can we do with the assigned variable? After creating variables with a specific value, you can access this value in the future by using the variable's name and performing available operations.

For example, we can use the variable chapter that was created several chapters ago. We can add 4 to find out the number of the current chapter. Suppose you want to use this value in the future. In that case, you need to create or reassign a new value to an existing variable.


Suppose you have a variable level representing the current player's level. Suppose the player reaches the next level. You need to add 1 to the level variable and reassign the value.


Fill in the blanks to complete the task.

# Initial level
level = 5
print("Level:", level)
= level
# Updated level
print("Level up! New level:", level)
Level: 5
Level up! New level: 6

Click or drag`n`drop items and fill in the blanks

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