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Good! But what if you want to concatenate a string with a numerical value? Like, Level: 5. If you try to apply the same approach as in the previous chapter, you will get an error that you can not concatenate str and int types.

So, how do you avoid this problem? You cannot convert text into a numerical type, but you can do the opposite. To convert a variable into a string type, use the str() function, putting the value/variable you want to convert within the parentheses. For instance, let's represent the example above in the code.

Note that we left a blank space to the right of the colon sign within the string variable.


The variables chapter and section represent the current chapter position. You need to output the message using the print() function two times in the following format:


Fill in the blanks to complete the task.

# Variables
section = 3
chapter = 3

# Output the message
Section 3
Chapter 3

Click or drag`n`drop items and fill in the blanks

Everything was clear?

Section 3. Chapter 3