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Introduction to Dart

else if statementelse if statement

else if statement

The else…if statement is useful to test multiple conditions. Following is the syntax of the same.

  • An if construct can contain any number of else if blocks of code.
  • It is not necessary to use the code block else.


The else if syntax is like the if syntax:

else if keyword, value in the parentheses () and a code block in the curly brackets {}.

If one of the conditions is met, then after executing its code block, the subsequent conditions will not be checked, and the code blocks of those conditions will not be executed either.




In this program, we have a variable num which is equal to 2. We use a conditional statement if to check if num is greater than 0. If this condition is true (meaning num is a positive number), it prints the message "is positive". Otherwise, if num is less than 0, it prints "is negative". If none of these conditions is true (i.e., num is equal to 0), it prints "is zero".


Fix the code so that the program works correctly.

else if (score is double)



Everything was clear?

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