Comments in GoComments in Go

Comments serve as annotations in code, providing additional information to the code's reader, such as explanations of what the code accomplishes and how it operates.

They are not executed as part of the program and are disregarded by the compiler, thus having no impact on the code's behavior.


In Go, a compiler is a program that translates human-written Go code into a format comprehensible and executable by a computer.

There are two types of comments in Go: Single-line comments and Multi-line comments.

Single-Line Comment

You can create a single-line comment in Go by typing two forward slashes (//). Anything following these double slashes will be recognized as a comment by the compiler and text editors:



Multi-Line Comment

A multi-line comment in Go starts with /* and ends with */. Everything enclosed between these markers constitutes the comment's content:



By using comments, we can make the code more readable and understandable, both for ourselves and for others who may work on the code in the future.

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