Node.js Express: API & CLI Apps


Welcome to the practical section, where we will build a Twitter-like REST API from scratch. This project serves a dual purpose: You will have the opportunity to revise everything you've learned in this course and create a real-world application to add to your portfolio.


🎯 The Purpose of the API

We will construct a simplified social networking platform that mimics the core functionalities of Twitter. By the end of this project, your app will boast the following features:

  • Create New Posts: Users can compose and publish new posts or tweets.
  • Update Posts: It's possible to make edits or alterations to existing posts.
  • Read All Posts: Users can browse and view all the posts in the app.
  • Read Specific Posts: Access a specific post by searching for it using a unique identifier.
  • Delete Posts: If a post was created mistakenly or needs removal, users can delete it.

📱 The Full App Experience

Check out the interactive slider below to glimpse the magic we'll create together. Navigate using the arrows on both the right and left sides to explore each operation individually.

🏆 What You'll Achieve

By the end of this project, you'll not only have a functional Twitter-like API under your belt, but you'll also gain valuable experience and have an impressive addition to your developer portfolio. This hands-on experience will help solidify your understanding of web development concepts and equip you with a tangible project to showcase to potential employers or clients.

Everything was clear?

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