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Built-in MiddlewareBuilt-in Middleware

In Express.js, you can access a set of built-in middleware functions designed to simplify everyday tasks in web development. These middleware functions can significantly streamline processes like parsing incoming data and serving static files. Here are some key built-in middleware functions:


The express.json() middleware is used to parse incoming JSON data from requests with a JSON payload. It automatically parses the JSON data and makes it accessible through the req.body property for further processing.


The express.urlencoded() middleware parses incoming URL-encoded data from forms submitted via POST requests. It adds the parsed data to the req.body property.


The { extended: true } option allows for handling more complex data in form submissions.


The express.static() middleware serves static files, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and images, from a specified directory. It's a valuable tool for serving assets like stylesheets and client-side scripts.

Utilizing these built-in middleware functions allows you to streamline the process of handling data and serving static files in your Express.js applications.

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