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Python for Data Science: Job Change

Import DataImport Data

We will start by importing our data using the famous pandas library. This is an overview of the features in our dataset:

  • enrollee_id: Unique ID for the candidate;
  • city: City code;
  • city_development _index: Development index of the city (scaled);
  • gender: Gender of the candidate;
  • relevent_experience: Relevant experience of candidate;
  • enrolled_university: Type of University course enrolled, if any;
  • education_level: Education level of the candidate;
  • major_discipline: Education major discipline of the candidate;
  • experience: Candidate's total experience in years;
  • company_size: No of employees in current employer's company;
  • company_type: Type of current employer;
  • lastnewjob: Difference in years between previous job and current job;
  • training_hours: training hours completed;
  • target: 0 – Not looking for a job change, 1 – Looking for a job change.
The task is completed!


  1. Import pandas (as pd) library;
  2. Import the "experiment_data.csv" using pandas;
  3. Display the first 10 rows of the DataFrame.

Everything was clear?

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