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Introduction to Redux

Creating the UI SkeletonCreating the UI Skeleton

First, we would want to create a skeleton UI of the application, and then we can create a store, connect the UI to the store, make the app more functional, and add CSS styling. The Main component will create two components, namely, DetailsSection and PostsSection.

In our final product, the DetailsSection and PostsSection will be as follows:

We will create very basic versions of DetailsSection and PostsSection, which we will improve later. The code should be something like this.

With the above code, our app should look like this:

We need the DetailsSection and PostsSection shown in the form of two columns, for that, we will create a grid using CSS. Create a new index.css file in the src folder and write the code for creating a grid inside the #main element.

We can import the CSS files using the JS import statements in index.js:

Now the app should be looking something like this:

Everything was clear?

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